Update on Poem-A-Thon

Just an update about how the Poem-A-Thon is going!

I’ve raised about $500 of the $3600 needed for the new alarm system for Artemis House. Every little bit helps, so that $500 is nothing to sneeze at, but if you are interested in helping me reach my goal, please email me at jensteinpoetry@gmail.com and I will give you the Paypal address to help.

What is my Poem-A-Thon?  Information on the Poem-A-Thon can be found earlier in my blog or here, at the Facebook event.

I’ve written 22 poems so far for this fundraiser. Highlights?  A triptych about hiking in springtime, poems about how the brain works, poems about domestic violence and homelessness and recovery. An exciting new work-in-progress book in poems about Miss Maude and her restaurant – poems that take storytelling and whimsy to a new level – for me anyway. A poem written by request about Girl Scouts. Many, many different sorts of work – one of which has already been selected for publication at Rogue Agent Journal.

So for the bargain price of WHATEVER you want to donate (seriously, anything you want to donate) you’ll get 30 poems, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping at-risk women and children be safe and secure while they recover from domestic violence and begin their new lives.

Please do me a favor and link others to this post so they can consider donating as well. Email me at jensteinpoetry@gmail.com. Visit and join the Facebook event. I will send YOU poems.

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