New Work out in Rogue Agent Journal

The first of May has brought a cold wet morning and a new poem out in Rogue Agent Journal.  Rogue Agent is a journal that’s intimate with the body – it wants viscera, it wants to dig deep in to what it means to inhabit. It’s a new journal and my poem “Tender Point” is appearing in the second edition.  I also have a photograph in the feature “I Feel Empowered When I Wear…”   “Tender Point” was written as one of the first poems in my April Poem-A-Thon to support Artemis House, and it has already found a loving home. It’s about living with fibromyalgia – the way my body responds to the pain stimulus.

I highly encourage you to check out Rogue Agent. Submissions are open year round! Send them your work – it’s a beautiful, cohesive journal around the central theme.

I’d also encourage you to look at this website – an art gallery at  This piece by Judy Cowan is speaking to me right now. These artists are working to capture what pain is to them, and if you experience any sort of chronic pain disorder, it’s comforting to see that you are not alone.

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