New Work Out at Silver Birch Press

Silver Birch Press is running a series of poems entitled Me, as a Child. I submitted a poem called Indian Paintbrushes, about growing up on the North Shore. I had a best friend, my very first best friend. She had long hair, so long that she would need to braid and wrap it or it would get caught in the spokes of her bike. We had a lot of freedom for young girls, and could wander pretty much unrestrained and play and do what moved us.  This poem honors that childhood, and the shadows that can creep over childhood, making us question our sense of safety and security.

It is a bit poignant to me that this poem is published today, the day after my grandmother passed away. She was 94 years old and lived a wonderful, long life. I’ll miss her, and I wish I could’ve seen her again.

Today, poetry – I will read through more poems and enjoy them.  This series by Silver Birch Press is excellent.  So many poets with such a wide variety of work featured in the series.  Please read and enjoy.

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