New Work Out: Red Savina Review and Cider Press Review

It’s been a couple of month since I’ve posted the New Work Out!

Red Savina Review published my poem Chicken Pox, 1986.  I encourage you to explore Red Savina Review and consider sending them you work. This poem was written about a hallucination I had when I had chicken pox, and my fever skyrocketed. Hallucinating is something that fascinates me – that altered reality that somehow exposes more of the real beneath. It is a terrifying experience because it’s so internal, so unique to your mind and your experience, and it’s not something that you can viscerally share with anyone else.

One of my favorite journals, Cider Press Review, published Fornix, which is one of a sequence of poems mapping the brain. I’m fascinated by the structure of memory, and by exploring the different structures of the brain in poetry, I feel as though I gain a greater understanding of how my own mind works. I was honored to have this piece chosen for Cider Press Review, and again, I encourage you to submit, submit, submit!

Get those words out there.

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