I wanted to call attention to one of my favorite blogs on the writing process, Rhizomatic Ideas. Please take a look at this post dealing with the economics of writing, specifically – astronomical contest fees. It’s not dealing with fees for general submissions – but the growing contest fees. Would greater transparency help – what happens to the money that we spend on a contest fee entry? Why aren’t more organizations transparent about this?

I’m really looking forward to the next installment of this blog. I’m interested deeply in income disparity, and how the growing gap between the rich and the poor is playing out across the board – not only on huge political issues like access to healthcare and paid faily leave, but on issues integral to our own poetry community as well. Do high contest fees lock low income voices out of submitting to contests? Are we self-censoring, as writers and as publishers, voices who desperately need to be heard?

I’m excited to hear Allie address her thoughts on this.  Check out the Rhizomatic blog to weigh in with your thoughts.


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