The victimization of Bill Cosby – or a question of choice after all

I had totally missed when this was posted on Thank You For Swallowing. I’m so glad I went through to read – if you’re not already following this site, I highly recommend you do!


His wife wants to know who the real victim is.
The answer is obvious – he’s the victim.

Yes, now we can believe because
he has spoken, admitted he procured

prescription Quaaludes so women
would find themselves fucked. He’s just

the latest victim of oppressive feminism.
We women have created rape culture.

We trap the men with our cunts.
They are simple, and they need a place

to rest their needful dicks, a hot mouth,
a sleeping hand, a listless vessel to bend and fuck.

More than 50 women accused him,
but who would believe – they can’t really have been

raped by such an all-American dad. His wife wants
to know who the real victim is.

Why – is it a crime if they are asleep? If a vessel, they
cannot feel pain. If a buoy, they are designed to float.

It’s a woman’s choice after all to be seen…

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