An Interview with Sundress Author, Jill Khoury

An interview with the editor of Rogue Agent Journal about her new book, Suites for the Modern Dancer. Jill is not only one of my closest friends, she’s one of my inspirations in my own writing.

The Sundress Blog


Jill Khoury is the author of Suites for the Modern Dancer, which was released this month from Sundress Publications.

Sundress: What is it about the body and disability that inspires your poetry?

Jill Khoury: From a young age my body was an object of the normalization efforts of others. At the same time, it was made clear that the body was a private thing. So I was told to be like the other kids, and be quiet while I was at it, and I internalized that message for a long time. So I do it because I was told not to. Nor are notions of normalization and privacy something that our society has moved beyond, so I guess I also write about these things because I want other people to tell their stories of difference and tell it loud.

Sundress: Did you ever read a work about either that really…

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