New Work – Thirteen Myna Birds

Hello everyone!

I have two new works out in Thirteen Myna Birds. Provocative, dark, tactile and deeply textured, this journal immerses itself into waters that I have only begun to dip my toes into. For years, I avoided the truly dark in my work. I’m not certain why – perhaps when I was more in recovery, these works felt too confessional, too personal, they explored too deeply to where things were raw and hurting, exposed. As I gain confidence in myself and as a writer, I’ve begun exploring darker topics with increasing frequency.

Midnight in the Garden, currently #1 at Thirteen Myna Birds, deals with dick pics and the fate of those who prize them so.

do you wonder, currently at #2, is the inaugural poem of my series of serial killer poems. In it, Eddie is speaking to himself, trying to figure out what makes him unique in the world of serial killers.

I’d welcome your feedback on these poems. As I’ve said – the darker things are just emerging. Is their emergence a welcome diversion? Let me know your thoughts.


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