Politics and Poetry

I posted this on Medium just a few minutes ago, entitled, “Dear America – Don’t Vote Fear.”

It’s no secret that I am voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton. I believe she’ll be the best candidate for president, I stand by her, I’ve even volunteered at her field office here in Fairfax.

From the perspective of a sexual abuse survivor who has had to unlearn a lifetime of fear-based decision making, I think it’s important to take a step back and examine the motivations each candidate is using in their bid for president. To me, the Republican candidate’s rhetoric is based on fear – like a preacher in a pulpit preaching hellfire and brimstone. I don’t find that compelling – I don’t like people playing on my fears, and the whole election has been rather traumatizing from that perspective. I’ve been hunkering down, so to speak, and burying myself in writing and not submitting to journals at the moment. But I feel it’s my duty to state my opinion. And I know a few people who are voting for the Republican candidate because they feel Hillary is worse.

These people are, of course, heterosexual, white, and have never been in a position where they didn’t have the most power of a group.

I think, as a poet, it’s my duty to engage with these people. It’s not my duty to stop loving people based on politics, and so I will not, but I have an obligation to tell them why I think they should reconsider.

And that’s all I’ve got to say on politics for now. Please read my link on Medium, above, and give it a heart if you feel so inclined.


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