jenwinterJen Stein is a writer, an advocate, a mother and a finder of lost things.  She lives in Fairfax, Virginia where she works at a small creative services design firm, coordinating projects and juggling priorities. Prior to this job, Jen was working at Northern Virginia Family Service and Shelter House, helping homeless clients find employment.  She studied Creative Writing at George Mason University, both as an undergraduate and in the MFA in Poetry program. Her work has recently appeared in Cider Press Review, Red Savina, Nonbinary Review, Stirring, Menacing Hedge, Luna Luna Magazine and the Northern Virginia Review, and is featured in a micro-collection in Wood Becomes Bone.  She also serves as an Assistant Editor for Rogue Agent Journal.

Jen’s work focuses on feminism, mental health, healing and recovery, on exploring and expanding moments in time, Judaism, on vegetables and fruits and odds and ends, and the connections between people and subjects in disparate situations. Above all else, Jen likes to tell stories and to help others tell their personal stories. She loves to help others see that their lives are full of interesting tales, and that they are not alone.

When not writing and serving as an advocate, Jen enjoys hiking with her husband and two daughters, wrangling her many cats, teaching ethics to fifth graders at her synagogue, singing and drawing with her friends, and playing many sorts of board games from hither and yon.

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