I am available for freelance writing/editing work. I have a wide variety of work experience. I’ve owned my own start-up business and developed grassroots marketing/social media marketing campaigns to become profitable within 6 months of opening. I’ve worked for large FFRDCs and government contracting agencies, providing writing and editing on high-level projects in corporate communications and bid and proposal response, including a one billion dollar proposal for a new FFRDC, which was awarded in 2012. I’ve worked in government contracting, for-profit, cleared and small non-profit environments. I currently volunteer as an assistant editor for ELJ Publications.

What can I do?

  • Help you write, proofread and edit your corporate communications to give your clients or investors a clear view of what you provide and how you do it well
  • Proofread and edit your scientific/technology briefings, newsletters, articles, and papers to make them appeal to diverse or focused audiences
  • Help you write, proofread and edit grants and proposals in compelling, clear language that tells the story you want to tell
  • Edit your academic papers to help you improve your grades
  • Design presentations using your content with PowerPoint, or assist you in developing a presentation during a facilitation session with your staff to help hone your focus and target the right topics

Rates of Service:

  • Basic presentation design – $30/hour
  • Basic copyediting/proofreading – $35/hour
  • Heavy copyediting/web editing – $45/hour
  • Presentation facilitation/design – $60/hour
  • Grant writing – $75/hour
  • Current university student discount available

I’m also interested in developmental editing for writers. My experience in this arena has been in university only, and as such, I’d like to work with emerging writers to provide developmental editing services at a lower cost than my standard editing rates. If you’re an emerging writer who’d like to work with a developmental editor, email me and we can discuss whether we’d be a good fit. I am happy to edit a sample chapter/section of your manuscript as a test run.

If you’re interested in hiring me for any of the above, please email me at jensteinpoetry@gmail.com.  Include in the subject line the service you are interested in.  In the body of your email, please tell me a bit about your project and your desired timeline for completion.


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