2016 Publications

“Hiraeth” – Menacing Hedge, Winter 2016

“Ridgewalking” and “Summiting” – Northern Virginia Review, Winter 2016

“The Victimization of Bill Cosby” – Thank You For Swallowing, Winter 2016

“Midnight in the Garden” and “do you wonder” – Thirteen Myna Birds, June 2016

“Wherein the neutrophils overcompensate” – Vector Magazine, Summer 2016

“Cassie Makes a Crown” – Cider Press Review, Upcoming

“Learning to play guitar in secret,” “The Moment I Realize I have become Eleanor Rigby,” and “pain becomes infinitely easier” – The Deaf Poet’s Society, Upcoming

2015 Publications

” Sepia” – Stirring, January 2015 issue 

” Grown Dorothy Steps on the Scale” – NonBinary Review Alphanumeric Feature, February 2015  NOMINATED for Best of the Net in Poetry, 2015

“Milk Carton” – Luna Luna Magazine, March 2015

“Unseasonable January” – Northern Virginia Review, April 2015

“Accomplice” – Menacing Hedge, April 2015

“Tender Points” – Rogue Agent Journal, May 2015

“Indian Paintbrushes” – Silver Birch Press, May 2015

“Rag Doll” – Compass Magazine, May 2015

“Dear John” – Unbound Octavo, May 2015

“The Size of Things, Decreasing Scale” – The The Poem of the Week Feature, June 2015

“Javon, you were twenty one” – Lament for the Dead, July 2015

“It’s a Question of Blame” – NonBinary Review’s 1001 Arabian Nights, Fall 2015 

“Moving Day in April” – Alyss, Fall 2015

“Fornix” – Cider Press Review, October 2015

“Chicken Pox, 1986” – Red Savina Review, Fall 2015

2014 Publications

Wood Becomes Bone – a collection by ELJ publications. A mental-health awareness collection – all proceeds go to support the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.  Eight poems featured as a micro-chapbook, August 2014.  Poems include: “Meditation of Ophelia in the Rushes, Black dog, White night, “Mania”—Collage from Ashbery’s “For John Clare”, memphis in january, Birdsong, One Hand Bound, Rapid Cycling, Minding the Afternoon”

“July 11” – Wicked Banshee Press, October 2014

“Adonai” – Poetica Magazine, Spring 2014 (out of print)